Requesting 504 Records After Graduation

Process for Requesting Records Upon Graduation

As you approach the next chapter of your educational planning, I wanted to provide you with information that will assist your transition.  For those of you planning to attend a college or a technical school, you have the option of informing your next educational institution of your previous accommodations.  There are a few things to understand:

*A college or university may not implement your high school accommodations exactly.  The college will continue the most appropriate accommodations.

*A college or university may require additional or updated evaluation information that is separate from the information provided by the school in order to provide accommodations.  This happens more so at the university level. Talk with the Office of Disability Services to see exactly what is required.

*The college or university puts the responsibility on the student to provide the documentation of the disability. Most colleges have an online submission option now.  If you request your 504 plan from Athens through email, this will make it a very easy submission process for you. Athens ISD cannot send the accommodations to the college for you.

*If you choose to receive accommodations through your college or university, go to the website and look for the Office of Disability Services, Office of Access and Learning Accommodations, or Services for Students with Disabilities and find out the process for your educational institution.

Requesting Accommodations from Athens ISD:

Please provide the following information: 1. Student Name and Date of Birth 2. How would you like accommodations returned to you?   Emailed, Mailed (please provide address), or Picked up at DSC - 104 Hawns St. Athens, TX

If you request accommodations via email and would like the accommodations emailed back, these accommodations will be fulfilled within a few days. - Please email [email protected] AISD 504 Coordinator, Lindsay Conner 903-677-6907 ext. 6953 [email protected]

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