Dress Code






Athens Independent School District requires all students to adhere to the standardized dress code adopted by the Board of Trustees.


Mission Statement: The “Student Dress Code” for Athens ISD has been established to build student self-esteem, bridge socioeconomic differences between students, and encourage positive behavior, thereby promoting school safety and improving the learning environment.

Final authority

Students must comply with District standards for grooming and accessories as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. Final decisions on the appropriateness of school dress rest with the campus administration.



If the campus administration determines that a student’s grooming violates the dress code, the student shall be given an opportunity to correct the problem at school. If not corrected, the student shall be assigned to in-school suspension for the remainder of the day or until the problem is corrected and/or may be sent home. Students who repeatedly violate the dress code shall be given consequences as assigned by a campus administrator.

New Students to AISD

If compliance can be accomplished immediately, students will be expected to do so.  Otherwise, students new to the district have three (3) days to comply with the policy.  Issues of extenuating circumstances must be addressed to the campus principal for consideration.


If you need assistance acquiring appropriate clothing to comply with the dress code policy, campus office staff will have resources available upon request.





         Colors allowed (including undershirts): Only shirts of a solid color allowed. 

*  All solid colors are permissible.

         Styles allowed: collared knit button polo style shirt or dress style buttoned shirts/blouses (long or short sleeve), or turtlenecks.

         Shirt tucking is encouraged but not required.

         Shirts/blouses must be fastened no lower than 4” from the top of the collar.

         See-through, provocative clothing of any type is not permitted.

         No logos, unless an approved Athens school logo.

         Brads, studs, zippers, or other adornments are not permitted.


*  Beginning with the 2023-2024 school year, the only acceptable colors will be maroon, navy blue and black.  The reason for the change in 2023-24 is the added security measure of being able to more quickly pick out individuals who do not belong on campus. A narrowed range of top colors among students will assist in identifying potential strangers. While not required, families may consider adopting the new color range immediately.



Slacks, Pants, Shorts

         Styles allowed: trouser-style pants that fit and are worn appropriately at the waist.

         Colors allowed: solid khaki, navy blue, black and gray.

Knee length, loose-fitting walking shorts are acceptable for all students.  Repeated violations by any student will result in loss of privilege to wear shorts. This year will be treated as a trial run, and should enforcement become an issue, no secondary students will be permitted to wear shorts the following school year.

         Belts are encouraged but not required.  Campus administrators reserve the right to

require a belt to be worn in specific instances of repeated non-compliance with baggy or loose pants.

         Oversized clothing is not permitted, including overall, hip-hugger, or others that

may be limited at the discretion of the campus administrator.

         Excessively tight clothing is not permitted, including spandex tights, shorts, capris,    or pants, yoga pants, sweat pants, skirts, or other that may be limited at the

discretion of the campus administrator.

         Baggy legged slacks or bell-bottom pants wider than shoes are not permitted.

         Brads, studs, or other adornments are not permitted.


Skirts, Jumpers for female students

         Styles allowed: traditional styles to the knee or longer.

         Colors allowed: solid khaki, navy blue, black and gray.

         PK-5, jumpers and polo-style dresses are permitted.



Vests, Sweaters

         Colors allowed:  Only shirts of a solid color allowed.  All solid colors are permissible.

         Vests and sweaters must be appropriately sized in the shoulders, sleeves, and length, and must be worn over collared polo shirt, blouse, or turtleneck.

         No logos, unless approved Athens school logos. 




         Athletic shoes, loafers, dress shoes, or other closed toe shoes are permitted.

         Heels must not be greater than 1-1/2 inches in height.

         Para-military type boots, sandals, flip-flops, or house-shoes are not permitted.

         Shoes must match each other.




         Jackets/coats may be allowed in accordance with appropriate weather conditions.

         Jackets/coats must have a closing mechanism (full length zipper, buttons or snaps).

         No pullover hoodies allowed.



Backpack, Bags

POTENTIAL FUTURE BAG & BACKPACK CHANGES: Though not now in effect, the district is strongly considering, beginning with the 2023-2024 school year, requiring backpacks and bags to be either clear or mesh.



Other Guidelines

         Hose/tights must be of a solid, single color with no pattern.

         Caps, hats, or head coverings inside the buildings are not permitted.

         Clothing items may not be worn in any way that reflects gang affiliation, conceals

contraband, or creates a distraction.

         All clothing must be properly hemmed, clean, and free from holes or tears.

         Undershirts must be of the solid approved colors with no lettering or designs.

         See-through, provocative, clothing of any type is not permitted.  

         Earrings:   Girls may wear earrings in ears only.  Boys may wear small studs in

ears only. If questions arise as to the appropriateness of the stud earring, the final decision will be made by the campus administrator.  Nose rings, eyebrow rings, lip rings, tongue rings or earrings worn on other visible parts of the body are prohibited for all students.

         Facial Hair:   Face must be clean-shaven. Beards, goatees, or mustaches are not

permitted.  Sideburns are not to extend below the bottom of the earlobe.

         Hair Length:  Students must wear hair out of their eyes, well groomed, a natural

color, and clean at all times.  Hairstyles, which in the judgement of administrators, pose a health or safety hazard and/or disrupt the educational process, are not permitted.

         Tattoos must be covered.

         Excessive or distracting makeup/hair color/conspicuous fads are not permitted.

         Symbols on clothing or jewelry that would distract or cause undue attention are not

to be worn.

         Symbols, words, or slogans cut into the hair that are obscene, racially related,

provocative, or otherwise deemed inappropriate by the campus administration are not permitted.

         Dark glasses (unless prescribed by a physician) or “wild eyes” contacts are not


         No school issued athletic apparel of any kind may be worn except in physical education and athletics.

         Students must wear appropriate undergarments.

         Athens ISD discourages the wearing of expensive jewelry and other apparel and is

not responsible for lost or stolen items.

         Administrators may define appropriate dress for school-sponsored trips.

         The student’s condition of cleanliness and personal hygiene shall be such that it

does not offend other students.

         All clothing must be properly hemmed/cuffed.

         No denim clothing of any color or style except on days designated by campus


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