Photo of Isabella Knigge holding Christmas card with her drawing of Santa
Photo of people listed in caption
Photo of Terrence McGee, Barron Tanner and Alex Furr
Photo of Second Team All-State member Noah Tatum and Honorable Mention members Gage Friedrich, Jaxson Stiles and Giomar Miranda.
Photo of Charrod McCullough and Addison Harris
Graphic of hand holding bullhorn with the words "Athens ISD Board News"
Photo of Barron Tanner making a tackle; Terrence McGee running the ball; Alex Furr dribbling the ball
A group of women posed in order as described in photo caption
AMS eighth-grader Cristian Lowe (left) and seventh-grader Gracie Robinson
If you'd like to chat with Superintendent Dr. Janie Sims, stop by McDonald's in Athens between 5 and 6pm Monday during the first hour of McTeacher Night.
Photo of Jose Vazquez and Donna Carpenter holding a state qualifier banner
Photo of AHS students sitting by pumpkins
Dr. Sims shown with a male parent and female district interpreter.
☕️ Come have coffee with the superintendent on Tuesday, Oct. 10! Dr. Janie Sims will be at McDonald's in Athens this coming Tuesday from 7:30am to 8:30am to answer questions about AISD and visit with community members. The coffee is free, and a translator will be available for Spanish speakers. Mark your calendar and plan to join us!
Photo of Antonio Castillo and
Group photo of 8 people as described in the accompanying text
Image of the quote by Dr. Sims contained in the story
Drone photo of new turf on new softball field
A high school student puts her name on a fabric bag for securely carrying mobile phones
An illustration of two adults and two children with the words: Surrogate & Foster Parent Training for representing a child with a disability